After graduating from College in Johannesburg, South Africa 1999 with a diploma in Fine Arts and Photography, I embarked upon my career in film, starting off in animation.  Once invited onto a TV commercial set I became inspired and swiftly changed direction.  I joined CallaCrew South Africa as a set runner and before long I had completed the ARRI 35mm/16mm Loaders Camera course in Cape Town.

 Still with CallaCrew, I started my career in the camera department as a Clapper Loader where I was privileged to work on a variety of feature films, TV dramas and commercials. After I had progressed to Focus Puller and Camera operating, I knew that I had become hooked and made a choice to follow this career path and lifestyle indefinitely.  To this day, I continue to have a deep love affair with film and a passion for camera, lighting and motion.  Although at times it can tough and stressful, I am never happier than when I am on set making pictures.

 Subsequent to some international travel, in 2008 I completed a film course in NYC in order to further my own industry education and to enable my career abroad. I decided to make the move to the UK in 2010, successfully pursuing opportunities in film as a young DOP/Camera Operator and have resided here ever since. Still with fantastic local connections, I have returned to South Africa on occasion for seasonal film work.  I have been very fortunate in that my work has taken me to many different places across the globe working with talented individuals and shooting in amazing spaces. I have always enjoyed these experiences immensely and am proud of my body of work. 

 Inspired by new technology, I have always embraced technological developments and enhancements to film equipment.  I consider myself to be an innovative and practical technician who has been privileged to work with the best professionals, utilising some of the finest equipment in the world.  Set life can be challenging and I never shy away from finding the right solution to any problem.

 I am honoured to be a part of a unique team of professionals at Motion24 where we offer state of the art, bespoke, industry leading Movi solutions.  Motion24 is equipped with multiple options for  high-speed tracking shots, to a walk in the park no matter what condition or level of production.

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